At ORA, our aim is to introduce alpaca to clienteles who have not had the chance to experience the luxurious beauty and comfort this unique alpaca fibre offers.

To invite those who know and have alpaca in their wardrobe to continue their alpaca experience in our boutique of unique, original creations.

ORA has a passion for alpaca as shown in our garments and accessories, using natural alpaca fibre carefully sourced from Western Australia to produce our luxurious yarn.

The alpaca fleece is meticulously selected to showcase the unique natural colours, qualities and attributes of the fibre.

Fleece is processed and hand spun to form a luxuriously soft ORA Signature yarn.

When planning the spinning of ORA yarns, other natural fibres such as silks, fine wool, qiviut, cashmere and cotton are selected to highlight and enhance the alpaca.

The potential for ‘unique’ ORA yarn is guaranteed as there are only small batches of hand spun yarn created.

With yarn in hand, creativity, inspiration and experience lead to a unique and original ORA creation.

At ORA we hand knit, weave and crochet, sometimes combining more than one of these techniques.

ORA garments and accessories are one of a kind, from the choice of fibre to their creation, and as such ORA garments will never be replicated.

Be assured that each ORA garment is distinctively created with a passion and appreciation for alpaca.

ORA uses fine quality natural fibres in their yarns spun with an artistic eye for elegance and an aim for slow fashion.

The ORA style is chic and elegant – yet versatile. Step into our online boutique and all will be revealed…