Chunky Knit Cowl nearing the end of a journey

Chunky Knit Cowl nearing the end of a journey

This trip is almost at an end with only a few finishing touches before it graces the ORA Boutique.

At this point in the Chunky Knit Cowl journey, there is still a fair bit of time and labour involved.


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As we look at this nearly finished piece, the next journey is being mentally planned during those following processes.
Nearing the end of any journey whilst completing finishing touches of the trip at hand, these are a few of the
thoughts that always come rushing into a designer and artists mind;

  • Project
  • Yarns
  • Technique
  • New design
  • Create a Pattern
  • Preparing fibre
  • Spinning new yarn
  • To the first stitch on the needle where a new journey begins!

Embracing these thoughts makes casting the last stitch not quite so sad when the journey ends.


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September 17, 2017