Tabard by ORA with flecks of yellow gold


Size Australian 8 – 14
Shoulder to Hem 72cm
Centre Front to Hem 80cm
Shoulder width 45cm
Colour Blue Green Plum Purple and Mustard

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Tabard by ORA with flecks of yellow gold

This Tabard by ORA with flecks of yellow gold is very much a unique, free form style allowing it to be worn with a variety of different outfits, casually or more formally depending on how you mix and match it.

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The rich colour palette shows a myriad of colours ranging from emerald green with touches of leaf greens blending with midnight to deep sea blues, plum with splashes of sparkly cerise to purples with some flecks of yellow gold silk and a touch of earthy mustard browns.

This Tabard by ORA with flecks of yellow gold has been hand crafted using traditional knitting and Tunisian crochet techniques in a modern way to showcase the relaxed style. The Tabard by ORA with flecks of yellow gold can be comfortably worn over leggings and a skivvy or transformed into trendy evening wear.

The ORA Signature Yarns used are hand spun using combinations of alpaca, fine merino, silk, silk threads and glitz and have been spun with varying textures. The yarns have been carefully hand dyed to showcase a tapestry of colours which make this Tabard by ORA with flecks of yellow gold exclusive.

Our Model

The Tabard by ORA with flecks of yellow gold is shown on our size 8 model.


The natural Alpaca used in this ORA garment is exclusively Western Australian. This ORA garment is designed and hand crafted in Western Australia.

This ORA garment is hand crafted using hand spun natural fibre. It is normal for authentic natural fibre products to display variations in texture and colour, this is not to be mistaken for a flaw, it is a unique characteristic of an authentic natural fibre product.

Important Care for Your ORA Garment

Natural fibre garments do not need frequent laundering. Consider laundering at the end of the season prior to storing in the garment bag provided. Please retain the Important Care label that is on the garment for your future reference.

See the ORA Product Care guide in full

Garment colours may appear differently depending on the calibration and settings of your monitor or device.

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