Alpaca Shawl Black and Red

Size One size fits all
Length 180cm
Width 55cm
Circumference cm N/A
Colour Black & Red Diamonds with Olive highlights
Uniqueness One of a Kind

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Alpaca Shawl Black and Red

This Alpaca Shawl Black and Red with diamond pattern is of generous proportion. A hand knit by ORA that is a divinely soft and lavish creation. A clear favourite of the ORA founders, this Alpaca Shawl Black and Red, was chosen to appear on the ORA website home page.

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Exotic Colours

This gorgeous shawl can be draped elegantly around your shoulders for a night at the theatre or opera. Equally, it can be gathered up to be worn as a thick long scarf for a more casual look.

Accenting colours in this Alpaca Shawl Black and Red are lustrous, combining variegated reds splashed with olive green throughout the diamond pattern, which is bordered with luxurious natural black alpaca and silk.

The two ORA Signature Yarns in this garment have been hand spun using natural black alpaca with black silk fibre and the richly hand dyed variegated merino and silk yarn is a vibrant contrast in reds, orange and olive greens. The hand spinning technique used gives the yarns a bias effect when they are knit adding texture and interest to this chic hand knit Alpaca Shawl Black and Red.

Our Model

The Alpaca Shawl Black and Red with diamond pattern is shown on our size 8 model


The natural Alpaca used in this ORA garment is exclusively Western Australian. This ORA garment is designed and hand crafted in Western Australia.

This ORA garment is hand crafted using hand spun natural fibre. It is normal for authentic natural fibre products to display variations in texture and colour, this is not to be mistaken for a flaw, it is a unique characteristic of an authentic natural fibre product.

Important Care for Your ORA Garment

Natural fibre garments do not need frequent laundering. Consider laundering at the end of the season prior to storing in the garment bag provided. Please retain the Important Care label that is on the garment for your future reference.

See the ORA Product Care guide in full

Garment colours may appear differently depending on the calibration and settings of your monitor or device.

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